The RMA is organized to unite persons who are retired from the Uniformed Services of the United States.  To commemorate the memory of persons who have given their lives for the United States of American.  To encourage every member of the Association towards a closer personal relationship and a friendly spirit of cooperation with other retired members and veterans.  To assist our veterans and their family members and support the community.


Executive Board:
President: Sharon D. Jefferson
Vice President: (vacant)
Secretary: Michael Staten Sr.
Treasurer: (vacant)

Board of Directors:
Chairman: Joseph Wiggins
Board Member: William Swift
Board Member: Jesse Jones
Board Member: David West
Board Member: John Braham

Join the RMA

General Membership – Shall be limited to those individuals who have retired Honorable for any reason from the Uniformed Services of the United States of America to include Reserve Components

Associate Membership – May be granted to those individuals who, the Executive Board recommend as having volunteered 60 hours of time, resources, effort, and prestige to the RMA of NC.

RMA Supporter - A volunteer and supporter of the RMA and can obtain a Volunteer Letter of Support for hours. 

RMA membership application